Paper tube polishing machine production system

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The paper tube polishing machine equipment available in the market there are many kinds of appearance, some out of weight problem is divided into several parts, the need to work in them, but they didnt consider the stability of the equipment. Such as grinding part is a body in front, waxing part is a body (some equipment this section or artificial wax), at the back of the pressure part and a body, when the job is connect the three parts, though they take into account the ease of installation, equipment light, small, but they have overlooked the other aspects. Such as their work is not fully joint together, such as part of the loose tube or problems will not be able to on to the next working procedure, which has an impact on production. The new torch company manufacture paper tube polishing equipment adopts system, wont appear the above situation, (if required to debug equipment are paper tube diameter and speed of production, and does not stop work, in the process of paper tube operation can be convenient to debug). After the installation is more stability, more case is almost zero, it is an ideal equipment for paper tube surface polishing work.