Adaptive bending tube polishing machine equipment

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Can bend the paper tube paper tube in the polishing machine polishing? This problem also have many clients in care. Because the customer when doing the paper tube to be to ensure that all paper tube is straight, there will always be some bending, with just the size of the bending. And polishing equipment for this kind of case, some of the equipment is not grinding, take heart grinding, for instance, when it is set to start working after contact area on the surface of the tube, when grinding to the bending part will contact less than paper tube surface, even grinding to grind uneven, or wear out effect is not so good. But the coreless polishing equipment is different from our company, to adapt to paper tube bending within 5 mm, tube bending is within the scope of this can be very good polishing to, and more uniform. The effect of grinding out with the straight part is the same.


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