How to solve a tin line drawing machine drawing darken black?

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          In solder wire processing, the final steps is to change the diameter of the with tin wire drawing machine drawing, according to specifications pull out of line with the rubber tire use of the machine, the closing line, packaged into a finished product and direct sales. I believe that solder manufacturers do lead solder wire will encounter such a problem, solder wire drawing machine drawing the line color to dark black, very beautiful, it will directly affect the selling price. The market selling lead solder wire color shines, they are how to do it? Actually very simple, as long as the right amount of drawing oil add some kerosene, commonly known as kerosene. Pulled out of the line like magic, immediately bright and moving. Of course, the amount should be appropriate to add too much although the issue is resolved, solder wire also likely to cause oxidation, saved time will be shortened, and the smell of kerosene.